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What is Long COVID, and How Do You Know If You Have Long COVID?

If the symptoms of a COVID infection linger for an extended period of time, there’s a chance that you could be suffering from long COVID. The symptoms of this condition can vary in type, length, and intensity.

Despite long COVID’s crippling effects, the good news is that there are ways to manage these symptoms.

What Is Long COVID?

Long COVID is a condition where the symptoms of COVID-19 continue well past the typical recovery period of the illness. 

Long Covid is also known as Long Haul Covid and Long Haul Covid Syndrome.

A standard COVID-19 infection typically lasts for a few weeks. With long COVID, symptoms can persist for several weeks, months, or even years.

What Does Long COVID Do?

There are several ways that long COVID can impact someone suffering from the illness.

Here are the general long COVID symptoms to watch out for:



Muscle & Joint Pain


Reduced Appetite & Weight Loss

Nausea & Vomiting

Abdominal Pain

Lingering Respiratory Distress

Long COVID can affect anyone, but it’s more common if you had severe symptoms when you first contracted COVID. A second infection of COVID could also result in long COVID. 

The populations considered to be at exceptionally high risk are females, those over 50 years old, people with obesity, and people with multiple underlying health conditions. 

What is Long COVID, and How Do You Know If You Have Long COVID?

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    Forum Health’s Solutions for Long COVID

    Forum Health provides up-to-date and evidence-based treatments for Long-Haul COVID
    based on the newest research that becomes available.

    Our personalized treatment plans target the root cause and can include professional-grade vitamins and supplements  for post COVID fatigue and constant monitoring.

    Depending on your needs, your treatment plan can also contain the following:


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    Long-Haul COVID Treatment Plans

    Long-Haul COVID
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Short answer: yes, long COVID is real.

    This is the name given to the condition where COVID symptoms persist for an extended period of time. In particular, it’s well past the typical 12-week recovery period of regular COVID.

    There’s nothing specifically that causes long COVID, though you’re more likely to experience it if you’ve had COVID more than once, are part of a high-risk population, or had severe symptoms upon initially contracting the virus.

    Though research on long COVID is still developing, the CDC currently reports that 1 in 5 people who have experienced COVID subsequently suffer from long COVID. 

    If you’ve been experiencing COVID symptoms for more than 14 weeks after contracting the virus, there’s a chance that you’ve contracted long COVID. The best course of action to confirm this is to contact a healthcare professional. 

    Fortunately, long COVID is very treatable. 

    At Forum Health, we combine a range of up-to-date and evidence-based treatment options such as iodine and supplements to help you fight long COVID faster and more effectively.

    No, long COVID is not contagious. 

    If you’ve been deemed no longer contagious, you will not pass on any of your symptoms or increase anybody’s risk of contracting long COVID.

    Different people experience different symptoms of long COVID, and long COVID affects everyone differently. 

    However, generally speaking, people with long COVID suffer from fatigue, fever, and brain fog.

    One of the most pervasive feelings of having long COVID is brain fog.

    Many people who experience long COVID become more forgetful, confused, and have trouble sleeping. Distress due to changes in the sense of smell and taste is also frequent.