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Ketamine is being used in therapy as a means to access deeper levels of full-body healing.

It’s become more widely accepted that everyone has experienced trauma during their life. Trauma is not a term reserved for describing only horrific events, as you may be familiar with. In the mental-health community, trauma simply means a significant event in your life, whether it be mental, physical or emotional, that was difficult to recover from and had lasting effects.

Traumas can be so subtle that their effects go unnoticed, however, over time the effects can manifest in psychological symptoms like anxiety, depression and compulsive behaviors, or physical symptoms like chronic pain and fatigue.

With a growing emphasis on mental health and overall well-being, new therapies are being introduced to help people heal from traumas – small and large. Ketamine-assisted Therapy is gaining popularity in the mental health space for its profound and lasting effects, not just with people currently experiencing mental health challenges, but also for those seeking to optimize their full-body health.

Ketamine is a safe, legal medication that has been used for years to help numb pain. It also has a dissociative effect, which alters sensory perception.

In ketamine-assisted therapy, ketamine is administered under the supervision of a licensed medical technician and paired with a talk-therapy session. In this state, patients are able to soften the ego and access deeper levels of awareness in a safe and comfortable environment.

Hear from Dr. Andrew Petersen of Forum Health Utah, who oversees Forum Health’s Ketamine-Assisted Therapy program, in this ABC 4 television interview to learn first-hand the benefits of ketamine-assisted therapy.  

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