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Ketamine for Anxiety

Anxiety Symptoms Reduced with Ketamine Therapy

Looking for anxiety symptom relief? Ketamine treatment for anxiety is changing mental health care and could be right for you.

Have you recently been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, or have several symptoms you believe may be signs of anxiety? Maybe you’ve been dealing with your anxiety diagnosis for years, tried different treatments, but nothing seems to work.

You’re not alone. Anxiety is a serious mental health condition that affects an estimated third of the population in the US.

It is common for people with anxiety disorders to experience fear, worry, have episodes of intense terror, avoid places and situations out of fear, and in general feel powerless against these symptoms.

There are many types of anxiety disorders from generalized anxiety, to specific phobias, and PTSD that can result after a traumatic event. Common treatment for anxiety disorders include SSRIs, anxiolytics, antidepressants, sedatives, or nerve pain medication, sometimes with or without psychotherapy.

However, these medications can lead to a wide variety of side effects in the long-term and do not address the root cause of the issue. Ketamine treatment for anxiety is a new option that could help you finally achieve the relief you seek.

If you think you may be experiencing anxiety or need help managing your anxiety symptoms, consult with your Forum Health provider.

How Ketamine Therapy for Anxiety Disorders is Effective in Healing

Ketamine is a safe, FDA-approved dissociative medication for treatment-resistant mood disorders, PTSD and chronic pain. When paired with therapy, it allows you to work through subconscious, repressed feelings that underlie unproductive behavior patterns, poor mental and emotional functioning and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Ultimately, it expedites the healing process to promote calm, openness, healing, and empowerment.

Studies have shown “ketamine poses potential beneficial effects in patients with refractory [treatment resistant]  anxiety disorders, where other conventional anxiolytics [anxiety reducing drug] have been ineffective” 

Ketamine therapy for anxiety combines the powerful anesthetic and dissociative effects of ketamine, with talk-therapy to address the possible underlying causes of anxiety disorders and facilitate a path to recovery. 

Specifically, ketamine targets synaptic receptors in the brain that intervene its response to stress, which has made it a game-changing therapy for people suffering from social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, phobias, and panic disorders. 

Ketamine for anxiety is proving effective in even the most severe cases with reports of people who received intravenous ketamine treatments showing clear improvement in their anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation symptoms.

Not all ketamine-assisted therapy programs are the same. At Forum Health, ketamine-assisted therapy is different in four significant ways to promote optimal healing.

What Makes a Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Session Different at Forum Health:

  • Nuanced Dosing: We are not a one-size-fits-all clinic. We consider your age, metabolism, lifestyle, and medications to determine the appropriate dose for your session. We believe this personal approach is the key to long-term healing.
  • Ensured Comfort: Experienced medical technicians supervise the infusion to ensure your safety and comfort the entire time, so that you full benefits of your session in a comfortable environment.
  • Expert Guides: Highly trained, trauma-informed guides are in the room, physically or virtually, to lead you through the session and to integrate the traumas and information that comes up. A ketamine experience without integration is just an experience. The long-term benefits come from applying new insight into your life.
  • Integrative Approach: We take an integrative, root-cause approach to healing the mind-body connection to promote full-body healing.

Ketamine therapy for anxiety at Forum Health is led by experts in functional and integrative medicine dedicated to help you overcome trauma and heal.

To learn if ketamine therapy for anxiety is right for you, please contact us at (888) 558-6980 to speak to our provider and schedule your first session.